The wineyard

We are developing and improving the cultivation of vines in ways that are environmentally friendly and sustainable such as the reintroduction of natural predators. The objective is to no longer use pesticides and to decrease the other treatments. All of the viticultural waste waters are treated in a phytobac for purification.

Every year 1% of the vines are replenished. The planting is state of the art with grafts that are in part from a visual selection of the most robust vineplants. All of the winter work is done by our team with great care and the pruning in Single Guyot is according to the lunar calendar. All of the ‘green work’ is planned to ensure an ideal harvest quality and good ventilation of the grape bunches (de-budding, pruning, suckering, thinning out of the leaves, green harvesting.). All of this work is done manually by our team. The leaf surface has been increased to allow for ideal photosynthesis and therefore good maturing of the bunches.

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